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Donexit has been for several years a key partner of National Industry leaders and Italian Army contributing to the realization of strategical systems for Terrestrial, Naval and Avionic applications

Defense Systems

Donexit specialists have contributed to the design, development, integration and validation of FPGA and boards devoted to manage avionics protocols such as 1553, 3910 and EFEX in the Eurofighter Typhoon Tranche 2 program.
Donexit specialists have realized the following activities:

  1. Design and development of HMI and alarm managers to enhance the capabilities of Italian Navy’ minesweepers.
  2. Analysis, design, development and integration of SCM modules for Multi Role Frigates of Italian Navy.

Donexit consultants have actively contributed to the development of mission planning and debriefing systems of the following programs throughout different phases of the product life-cycle both during systems and software specifications and by developing several software modules:

  1. M-346 Training for Italian Air Forces and Singapore Air Forces
  2. ATR P72 for Italian Air Forces
  3. Eurofighter F-2000 Integrated Mission Support System for Italian Air Forces
  4. Eurofighter Typhoon Integrated Mission Support System for Kuwait Air Forces (KAF)

Donexit has definitely developed a deep knowledge of mission planning systems based on JMPS (Joint Mission Planning System).

Donexit has developed modules of naval applications to exchange tactical information via radio links (e.g. Combat Management Systems).
Our professionals have a significant experience with Command and Control Systems as well as with the Digitalization of Battlefield for the Italian Army (e.g. FORZA NEC, SIACCON) and for interoperability with international partners. Donexit has contributed to the widening of Afghanistan’ network taking part to several national and international training and operational integration sessions.
Our employees have taken part to the following programs:

  1. Enhancement program of Italian Navy’ Coastal Radar with the acquisition of automatic classification with Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar techniques;
  2. MAJIIC (Multi-Sensor Aerospace-Ground Joint Interoperable ISR Coalition) for the definition of a standard architecture aimed at providing intelligence, surveillance and identification by technologies and sensors available in the participant nations


Armed forces


Police Force


Defence sector

Leonardo Company SpA MBDA SpA

Cyber security

In the Cyber Security & Information Security (INFOSEC) sector, Donexit professionals are able to define strategies, processes and solutions aimed to secure classified data and critical infrastructures through a wide experience and a deep knowledge of laws, regulations, standards, national and NATO guidelines applicable to the whole product life-cycle . Our staff has contributed to different certification programs of Italian Navy (e.g. Combat Management System of Multi Role Frigates)

Cyber Security

Design of Security Solutions and Architectures that reconcile the definition and implementation of physical and logical countermeasures devoted to protect critical systems and infrastructures.
Professional services meant to provide an accurate analysis of risks and vulnerabilities of our customers’ systems and infrastructures to define stringent and precise security requirements, risk-mitigation plans and governance policies.

  • Security as a Service: Penetration Tests, Computer Forensics, procedures and policies to manage Security throughout our customers’ organization.
  • Support and guidance throughout the certification process of IT systems according to national and NATO standards and criteria.

DONEXIT designed several solutions devoted to protect messages, data and confidential calls (e.g. Protect Your Network o PYN), to identify malwares and to evaluate the exposure of infrastructures to known software vulnerabilities. (E.g. VULSCAN).


Local and central government

Companies operating in the field of Defense

Institutional customers

Smart City

Availing the skills acquired in years of activity in the national Defense industry in the field of command and control systems and mission planning, and operating a deep synergy with its own Research and Development department, Donexit has developed an innovative approach to the protection of critical infrastructures such as ports, airports, urban areas, civil and military premises.Donexit has designed an integrated and active surveillance system able to guarantee security of urban areas and critical infrastructures extending the capabilities of traditional video surveillance systems (i.e. HORUS o HOmeland Real-Time Urban Security).

Smart City

Our staff designs, realizes, installs and tests systems for the safety of critical infrastructures both from the point of view of physical security and from the point of view of cybersecurity.
Starting from the active integrated protection system, our staff is able to realize an ad hoc solution according to the specific needs of our customers.


Airport Systems

Port Authority

Power Plants Management Company

Industrial District

System Integration

Donexit is a System Integrator offering solutions based on well-established vertical competences in the Defense sector by integrating the best technologies available on the market in the following areas:

System Integration

We support our customer in a proactive way in all phases of the project lifecycle: from the requirements analysis, the definition of the architectures, the choice of the technologies, to the realization, validation and commissioning of the systems.
Our professionals, starting from the customer”s system requirements, are able to manage the entire lifecycle needed to design and validate products or solutions
Our laboratories, in terms of hardware and software resources, allows us to host our customers’ activities and teams in an efficient and effective way

Market segment

Companies that implement and manage critical and complex infrastructures